7 Awesome Young Women to Keep on Your Radar

We’re all familiar with the Oprahs, Sheryl Sandbergs, and Hillary Clintons of the world. And to be sure, those ladies definitely kick some ass. But we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the up and coming women who are shaking things up — and who you should definitely keep an eye on.


Caroline Rothstein

caroline rothstein-4










As women, most of us have shown our belief in the importance of having a positive body image by, you know, liking one of those Dove videos. But Rothstein is upping the game. The writer, spoken-word poet, and president of the board of directors of Mental Fitness Inc., has created a series of videos about body positivity and empowerment. As she says in one of her viral videos, “Fat is not a feeling…When I feel fat, I know that it means I’m feeling something else…”


Sarah Haskins
















Haskins, who studied American History and Literature at Harvard, is like a Twitter-savvy Miranda Hobbes — successful and funny with just the right amount of snark. She’s a comedian, creator of the ABC sitcom Trophy Wife, and former star of Current’s “Target Women.” A self-described feminist, she has spoken in interviews about social and cultural issues as they apply to women.


Tavi Gevinson















What were you doing when you were 11 years old? I was rocking a hairstyle that can only be described as a modified mullet and quickly becoming a pro at the lost art of friendship bracelet making. No so for Tavi Gevinson, who became an online sensation when she was still a tween with her blog StyleRookie. In 2001, when she was 15, Gevinson founded Rookie Magazine, which discusses pop culture and its intersections with feminism.


Susan Gregg Kroger















It would only barely be an exaggeration to say that a good 50 percent of my wardrobe was ordered from ModCloth. The online clothing vendor, founded by Susan Gregg Kroger, specializes in a vintage aesthetic and sells pieces from a number of unique designers. It also makes a point of creating beautiful promotional images with plus-size models. Gregg Kroger, who was listed along with her husband as one of Forbes’s “30 Under 30,” says on the site that the goal of ModCloth is to “democratize fashion.”


Alexa von Tobel












Alexa von Tobel is a Harvard business school drop out who left academia to found her own financial planning service, LearnVest. An important part of her ability to effectively lead, she says, is he attitude. In an interview with Business Day, she said, “I am a positive person who wants to believe in people.”


Bea Arthur

bea arthur














No, not Dorothy from Golden Girls. This is a different Bea Arthur — founder of the online therapy site In Your Corner, formerly known as Pretty Padded Room. The site wasn’t Arthur’s first business venture. In fact, she failed a number of times before launching PPR — and bouncing back from those failures, she said, taught her the lessons she needed to know to succeed. The site allows users to connect with therapists around the country through video chat at a lower cost than traditional therapy sessions. The goal is to make therapy accessible to those who have time and financial constraints.


Kavita M. Shulka












At one time or another, we’ve all shoved a container of Thai takeout to the back of the fridge, only to rediscover it days later decomposing into a disgusting mess. But there are places in the world where food spoilage is a much greater concern, and it plays a role in food insecurity. So Shulka developed “FreshSheets,” five-inch square pieces of paper infused with edible ingredients that keep produce fresh for up to four times longer. When the sheet is placed on a piece of produce, it inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.