Game Of American Thrones

This is good for a Sunday laugh. For those of you following HBO's Game of Thrones and the 2012 election, this little gem being forwarded around Facebook is pretty funny. If you're not yet watching Game of're missing a whole lot of medieval, fantasy awesomeness. Also, please tell us if you know the original source.   We'd like to give credit where credit is due.


  1. Ian says:

    It’s entirely hitting on the right? Should I be surprised? Al Gore and the dems tried to steal that election not the other way around, liars. Gore tried to deny the military vote, ordered recount after recount each one bringing more votes to Bush. Gore was a sore loser and is still a vapid blow-hard. The dems invented election fraud and by the way Bush is smarter than any of the dems listed in your not very funny homage to Game of Thrones. Obama can read a teleprompter and hire Ayrs to write books for him. How’s that hopey changey thing going by the way.

    • Michael says:

      Sorry, I seem to remember Gore winning a majority of the popular vote…? If Bush were smart, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the US into two illegal wars and left it in a financial crisis either, one would have thought.

      • Katrina Markel says:

        Yeah….I tend to agree with you Michael. I think bunch of people seem to be missing the fact that this is a joke anyway. It’s not a piece of journalism, it’s satire. It can be as biased as it wants to be. Plus, funny is funny.

  2. Dav says:

    I would have put Chelsea Clinton as the denyreus dragon queen…
    Just because she’s destined to rule; seems extremely ill prepared but is well connected and also carries around ancient artifacts with her when she travels.

  3. Katrina says:

    Personally, I think the weird sister is Michelle Bachmann :-) Whoever created this poster needed more women on it! For instance, who is Lady Stark?

  4. Tess Clare says:

    How dare you compare Daenerys to Palin. If anything Palin is like Catelyn Stark’s weird sister.

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