5 Things To Know About Social Media And Home Security

Written by Guest Contributor, Rebecca Burke


Social media is becoming such a common part of everyday life that it is getting pretty hard to ignore. With roughly ten percent of the world’s population now on Facebook, even if you don’t use it, very likely someone close to you does. Unfortunately, even when other people around you are using and updating their social media it may have a negative impact and can even put your home or safety at risk.

1. Geo-Location Can Inadvertently Tip off a Burglar

Many people enjoy various kinds of apps when using social media on mobile devices.   Often, people use social media apps to “check in” and this can tip off a burglar that you have an “open-house.”


2. Some Pictures Should Not Be Posted

You should also consider very carefully what kinds of pictures you post on your profile.   Obviously, if you are job-hunting, potentially offensive pictures (of you or others) may not be a good idea…even some of the joke pictures that can be so tempting.


3. Do Not Post About Products

There are people who enjoy posts about shopping and purchasing items on networks like YouTube, but sometimes posting about material products can be a bad idea. If you buy something expensive or even just something a thief really wants, that could be asking for trouble.


Photo courtesy of Achri Bayu Ediputro

4. Guard Your Personal Information

While everyone likes to share with friends and other loved ones, sometimes sharing personal information can have negative repercussions.


5. Social Media Can Be Used for Good

This can be especially useful if you have teenagers that you need to keep tabs on.   If your kids are at an age where you feel comfortable with them being home alone, but maybe not so comfortable about what they are up to (i.e. teenagers) then you may want them to check in when they get home. Or, if you have a security system in place, apps can be used to see through your cameras while you are away from home.


Rebecca Burke is a lifestyle and technology blogger. She was a regular contributor on tech and computer forums during the early 2000s, however life got in the way and she took a break. She’s back now, and having a blast! She can also be found writing about companies & products she likes (like the company that provided the tips in this article: LifeShield).