Beyonce, Condi & Sheryl Team Up To ‘Ban Bossy.’ Conservatives Freak Out.



I honestly don't know why some conservatives are in a snit about the "Ban Bossy" campaign.   It seems fairly benign to me.   From what I can tell, writers such as Matt Walsh, are afraid that this is a liberal attempt to babysit everyone in a America (as Ron Swanson would say) or inject politically correct language into yet another aspect of our lives. However, they're missing the point.   This campaign is simply asking us to reflect on the language we use when talking to little girls.   Yeah, sometimes both boys and girls are truly bossy, but it's a label that is more often applied to little girls. C'mon, you know that's true.   It's just one of the ways in which we gradually discourage girls from being assertive. They get the message that being "bossy" isn't "ladylike" and if you're not supposed to be bossy then maybe you're not supposed to be a boss.

"Bossy" doesn't   have to rise to the level of an epithet, but maybe it should be used with care. Sometimes it might be appropriate to say something like, "Don't boss your little sister around. That's not your job, it's mine." I don't believe Sheryl Sandberg and friends are saying that we shouldn't correct inappropriate behavior in children; rather, we should reflect upon how often we apply the term "bossy" and under what circumstances. In fact, we should probably refrain from language that discourages ambition and assertiveness in our daughters in general.  

Finally, when I watch this video I don't see a scary bunch of hardcore, radical feminists. I see a Republican secretary of state,   a phenomenally successful businesswoman and mainstream entertainers.   I'm baffled that some people seem so threatened by a video that is clearly  meant to be a positive campaign. This isn't about censuring men or holding back boys, it's simply about uplifting girls. Anyone who tries to make it about more than that is reading too much into the whole thing.