Can The New Exploratorium Inspire a STEM Movement For Girls?

The shiny new home for the Exploratorium sits on the $250 million dollar renovated Pier 15, in the Embarcadero in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to get first glance at the incredible new structure on April 12, 2013 at the re-opening gala for the new Exploratorium. I could not help myself as I walked through this incredible structure thinking, "will girls want to become astronauts and scientists after seeing all of this?"

The EXPLORATORIUM Opening Gala photos by Mira Veda

Originally opened in 1969 by physicist Frank Oppenheimer, in a building constructed for the 1915 World's Fair, the new cavernous 330,000-square  foot space is as incredible as you can imagine. The exhibits are created to draw in the senses and incite the imagination. Every bit of Oppenheimer’s dream seems be realized as you walk through experimental laboratories inside the building.

pendulum @ New Exploratorium - Photos by Mira Veda

We spent hours in complete wonder over pendulums, magnets, strange and interesting science experiments that were made as much to educate, as they were to stimulate. Just a fair warning, you’ll probably need more than one trip to the new Exploratorium, it’s easy to get lost for at least an hour analyzing the speed of raindrops. My hope   is that every girl who visits will be just as enthralled and inspired by the wonders showcased in this new space.

Mira Veda
Zem Joaquin
James Joaquin
Jennifer Schimmel photos via Drew Altizer