Dance As If No One Is Watching

Finding a way to completely let go and free ourselves - mind, body and spirit - is healthy, rejuvenating and necessary. We spend so many hours of the week busy with work, family and various activities. When the week is over, exactly how much time do we spend taking care of ourselves?

Photo courtesy of Ben Kay

Dancing is a good way for us to quickly take a mini-vacation from our busy lives. It is a creative, fun way to lift our spirits and tune into our own inner being. If you have a partner, this is excellent for connecting to each other and sharing loving, blissful energy. This can fit perfectly into anyone’s schedule. All you need is a few minutes each day, good music that speaks to the soul and your own beautiful energy.
Dancing is an exquisite, expressive art form that has a way of making us feel in control, powerful and sexy. When we dance with complete openness and freedom it will allow our inner greatness to shine through. As you dance, be the Queen of your domain, flooding your home with vibrant healing energy. Free your mind and transcend your body allowing the beat of the music to consume you.

When a woman sways her hips side to side and in circular motions, negative energies and toxins are released from the womb. As we dance around moving the arms, swinging our hair, and letting the entire body flow, energetic blocks are being released. Imagine with each movement of your body you are shaking off all the problems, worries, and stress, letting it float away into the heavens. The deeper we go into our own natural flow, the more we increase the energy levels in our body. Dance as if no one is watching, surrendering to your unique rhythm.

Photo courtesy of Mike Baird

Being comfortable in your own skin will make your positive vibrations soar high and increase your magnetism. Let the spirit of dance rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Breathe deep and allow this magical energy to flow, lighting up your entire being. Dancing empowers us, tones the body, frees the mind and heals the heart. Smile and dance often for optimum well-being.