How Etsy Turns Artists Into Entrepreneurs (Infographic)

This was written by Nora Bass and originally published on

The e-commerce site Etsy, which hosts online storefronts for handmade, vintage and repurposed items,  is increasingly supporting the professional lives of women. Internally, the company has recently focused on  boosting its number of female engineers and managers, which makes sense as a company that works with hundreds of thousands of female entrepreneurs through its marketplace and sells a majority of all items to women. In fact, the site fosters a future for many an aspiring female entrepreneur, with its 70% female users earning up to $100,000 per year selling their crafts. Etsy is also the most pinned site on  Pinterest, another platform heavily used by women.

This infographic shows Etsy’s remarkable growth and how it is transforming the lives of DIY female entrepreneurs every day.