I Once Had A Guy Tell Me

woman ignoring man

If you run into someone who thinks feminism is so last year, point them to the Tumblr called I Once Had a Guy Tell Me...

Some of the posts are so ridiculous you can't help but laugh at the absurdity. And some are truly distressing. The experiences these women relate really highlight how, as a society, we still seem to believe that unwelcome commentary about women's bodies is acceptable. And we teach men that it's ok to feel entitled to get the response they want from a woman - if she ignores your passes, she's a bitch.

There are a few posts from women whose supportive male partners really get it - so that's encouraging. There are plenty of men who understand what women experience. But sexism in some form - whether it's street harassment, slut shaming, stereotypes or violence - is still a reality in the lives of most women, so forums like this Tumblr, where women can share their experiences and make them known, are necessary and important.