I’m a Woman – Where’s My Sexist Radio Station?

Sex sells, even when it comes to radio stations. Surprised? Probably not. I normally wouldn’t be either until words  like “babes with benefits,” “hot for teacher” and “babe of the day” jumped out at me bright and early on my morning  commute to work. I’ve noticed a trend in radio where this type of chauvinistic material is predominantly found on  classic rock stations, presumably making the primary demographic for this garbage adult male dominated.

Okay, I admit that claiming “all classic rock stations only cater to men” may sound as ridiculous as claims that “only  teenagers who listen to metal music become violent adults,” so please don’t mistaken my rationale as an official  statement that all classic rock listeners are undeniably, sexist pigs. But given the content that classic rock radio  stations air, it becomes pretty obvious that most stations have a clear-cut formula as to how they can attract the  attention of a specific demographic.

To further support this, here are several examples of contests and segments geared towards men that have aired on  CJAY 92 in Calgary, Canada:  Ho or Ho-lympian- a segment that aired during the Olympics where listeners were given a female name and had to  call in to say whether they thought the name was that of a (ho - an adult film star) or a (ho-lympian) a female olympic  athlete. Where the prefix “ho” comes into play in the word Olympian is beyond me and is pretty disrespectful to say  the least.

Hot for teacher- Here’s the contest description as found on the station's website: "Remember when you were a young  boy and that hot, new teacher started teaching math at your school? You’d go home every day after school, go to  your sock drawer ...NEVERMIND! We are looking for THAT hot teacher! We don’t care if she teaches math, science,  gym class, yoga, or anything else that comes to mind. Hell, I’m not even sure we care if she’s a teacher."


Calendar Girl search- A dozen girls are chosen for the calendar from a huge selection of photos available for online  viewing and judging.

Babes with Benefits(space)- the CJAY 92 promotions crew made up of a team of women who attend events and/or bring lunch to you at work. The commercial for Babes with Benefits has sounds of women moaning in the  background. Way to be classy, CJAY 92!

Like any product on the market, radio stations to have brand identity, but can I just come out and say how much this  aggravates me? Are men the only ones who listen to classic rock radio stations? Above all - isn’t music supposed  to be for everyone? Fair enough if they want to attract men, but where is the line drawn and who is to blame  when contests and segments are taken too far? Side note: a radio station in Tallahassee, Florida called x101.5  posts “Thong of the Day” and a “Hot Mom Madness” photo galleries. I’m pretty sure it’s fair to say that the “too far”  ship has already sailed.

In terms of accountability - this is a “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” scenario that I have a lot of trouble with.  As much as I want to point fingers at CJAY 92 (and particularly Astral Media, Canada's largest radio broadcaster with  84 licensed radio stations including CJAY 92), I can’t help but remind myself that the pictures submitted for “Babe of  the Day” or “Hot for Teacher” all had to of come from somebody…WOMEN!

It’s so frustrating, but it all boils down to basic economics, supply and demand. As much as the primary demographic  of classic rock listeners may create a demand for Babe of the Day photo galleries, there are thousands of women  out there desperate enough to supply them! What’s worse is that they are even more willing to have men rate their  photos on a scale of one to 10.

In considering that three of the 14 members on the Board of Directors at Astral Media are women (fine, that’s only a  mere 21% representation), one would think that the content could be a bit less offensive toward women. However,  I’m making the assumption that the men on the board are therefore in agreement with chauvinistic content, which  wouldn’t be completely fair to assume. In whose hands does the responsibility for creating appropriate content lie?

Let’s help each other out ladies. We need it.

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