Lipstick & Politics Hosts Gavin Newsom And Julia Hartz For A Panel On Entrepreneurship

  Lipstick & Politics hosted a VIP reception and Panel disucssion with Gavin Newsom and Julia Hartz Tuesday night. The topic? Entrepreneurship. The intention was to understand the intersection of government and business. Why the two necessarily need one another and why entrepreneurs shouldn't ignore the policies that evidently affect their operations





The ping-pong match of personal anecdotes from both the panelists charmed the pretty even numbers of men and women in the audience. There was a great sense of respect and admiration the panelists held for one another which made for a very comfortable, honest talk. As the moderator, I enjoyed the excellence displayed on the stage. Listening to incredible stories of success is exactly what each and every hopeful entrepreneur wants. We all want to know the little clues that success leaves behind. We are hungry for   information and mentoring.  

We are grateful to these two distinguished panelists that gave their time to the Lipstick&Politics community.  

And for those of you who missed it. Gavin Newsom has a new book! The book is called Citizenville  and you can get your advance copy from Amazon. The official release date is February 7, 2013.

I've already ordered mine!