Reaching For The Colossal Cosmos

I received a book last year from a friend called Cosmos by Giles Sparrow. It's amazing to think that a few hundred years ago we believed the Earth was flat and the universe was bound by a crystal sphere dotted with stars. Now we know it stretches at least 130 billion trillion kilometers across in every direction. By exploring it one step at a time, we've made sense of this enormous map of planets, stars, moons, nebulas, white dwarfs, and black holes. We also know that our galaxy was compiled of interstellar waste (other stars that exploded millions of years ago) to give us heavy elements like carbon, phosphorous, and hydrogen. Everything that makes up this wonderful and amazing planet and galaxy, including all the life that has lived, and is living on it.

by Fabrice de Nola and NASA

Valentina Tereshkova was so interested in what lay beyond Earth that she became the first female astronaut to go to space in 1963. I can't imagine what she had to go through to become the first woman to fly in space. Sometimes, we lose sight of what we can achieve because it feels like we are living in a male dominated world. However, women like Valentina show that as women we can do anything we really want to do.

As working women, we have gained our respect in the workplace owning businesses and carrying on careers while maintaining households. So many women stress themselves out by trying to do it all and still find time to do our nails. That's why I find it important to take a step back sometimes and really appreciate our existence. I know for a fact we don't get thanked or acknowledged enough, but we still do it because it is our nature and if we didn't, who would? Bottom line is, we are pretty damn awesome! If the right conditions didn't occur millions of years ago, we all wouldn't be here today, able to live alongside one another. The real gift here is not to live, but life itself.

NGC 6302 courtesy of