#1ReasonWhy There Aren’t More Women Making Games

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I am apparently very lucky. The one experience I had working for a game company was positive. Granted, my domain was operations and communications - not development - but I can’t imagine the guys at Proper Games treating me disrespectfully or dismissively.   Unfortunately, that  hasn't  been the case for many women.

There have long been concerns about the limited female presence in technology, especially in Silicon Valley. The game industry is particularly notorious because there is not only a lack of female developers, but the industry seems riddled with institutional sexism resulting in few women with creative input and a glut of content for teenage boys and man-children.   This is despite the fact that women are a huge and growing chunk of the gaming audience, including social and mobile games, and would likely spend money on big, console titles if only they were a more sought after demographic. Add to that the low maturity level of some (emphasis on SOME) male founders and managers within the industry, the biases within marketing departments, the venture capitalist boys club and it’s not the most friendly environment for women.   If you’re a female engineer, why not just go code for Lockheed Martin and make twice the salary? If you’re a producer, why not just be a project manager for a media or tech company with more women on staff?

Despite the struggles, some women just happen to love making games.   Many have posted their thoughts about the problems with the game industry to Twitter under a new hashtag: #1ReasonWhy.   The hashtag has caught fire over the last few days and many male game developers   are chiming in too. I can only hope it results in some positive progress for women in game development.

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