The iPhone Makes My Life As A Mom Easier

I used to be addicted to my Blackberry (AKA Crackberry). I NEEDED it…no, seriously. Then, one day, I messed up the part where the charger plugs into my phone. I watched my battery slowly die a sad death and I sobbed as it happened. I know, I’m pathetic. And you know what the worst part was? I didn’t even have a data plan! No internet! I used it only for the calendar. My whole life (well the whole year, and the previous year), every single appointment and date which needed to be remembered was entered into my calendar. I had a running grocery list, as well as a ‘things to do’ list in there.

Photo courtesy of Tony Buser

I recently switched to an iPhone because my contract expired and I was due for a renewal. The decision was definitely a difficult one, but my sister convinced me. With the renewal I was forced to get a data plan as well. So now that I had a brand new iPhone 4 and a data plan, I had to learn how to use it. The whole ‘App’ thing was kind of overwhelming at first, but I caught on really fast.

So now that I am a proud iPhone user, I of course think EVERYONE needs one. I love everything about it (besides the battery life). Here’s a list of my favorite ‘Apps’:

1. Grocery List
This App is great. It remembers my previous entries so I can scroll through the list and just tick off what I need in order to create a new list.

2. Bank Accounts
I have an account with TD Canada Trust as well as Bank of Montreal. I have them both set up so I can pay bills and check my bank accounts at any time. I love the convenience of not having to sign in from my laptop.

3. Weather
I know it may sound dorky, but knowing the weather is super important. It helps me decide if I need to dress my kids in layers, or take a jacket or umbrella along while out and about.

4. Games!
I download educational games for my kids and let them play whenever we are in a doctor’s office or if they are getting antsy in their car seats while on a long drive. It helps in airplane rides and virtually anywhere they may be sitting for a long period of time.

5. Period Diary
This is really important ladies. Whether you have regular or irregular periods, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to track your cycle. The App I have is great. It has a pass lock for added privacy. It keeps track of all your previous cycles as well as predictions for your future dates. It also has an area where you can add notes i.e. severe cramping on specific dates.


A few other things that I love:

- The quality of the camera is great. I can catch my kids in their ‘moment’ at any time.
- The Map: I travelled all around Toronto, Ontario with no other map. My iPhone always knew where I needed to go and was very easy to use.
- And lastly — Google! I can search anything, anywhere and I will get a jillion results!

There’s no wonder Apple is doing so well. They have made a phone which, in my opinion, makes the mommy life easier.