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We are always looking for great writing talent!

We encourage women to speak out against atrocities and discrimination, comment on politics, but also embrace their feminine, spiritual nature - denying no part that makes a woman whole. A woman should feel free to be any paradox she wants to be even when society suggests otherwise: beautiful and nerdy, intelligent and sexy, etc. So write about your experiences...the more personal you can get...the better.

Currently we are looking for authors from across the political spectrum and from all over the country.   Content of interest is listed below.   If you are interested in writing for us or cross publishing your blogs, please send us a message and pitch your story idea -100 words max as well as 100 word bio. We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish everyone’s story or that we’ll be able to respond to every inquiry, but we’ll do our best to get back to as many people as possible.



Bloggers and Guest Bloggers should write with an awareness of the mission and vision of the blog: to share experiences of diversity, empowerment and personal growth through women’s individual and collective voices. The following guidelines will help you write a great post:


  • The #1 rule is:  keep it personal! Writing about social and political issues should spark from a personal experience and be discussed from that point of view.
  • Content should always be from the  author’s personal experience  and should aim to educate, inspire, or motivate the reader to learn more about themselves or discover something new.
  • Posts should be  inquisitive, empowering, and inviting.
  • If you are writing about a situation that upset you (discrimination, sexism, etc.), please do encourage debate and discussion. However, debate for debate’s sake or argument for argument’s sake is not appropriate.


  • Relating/connecting  to a global perspective is always encouraged. (Eg. lack of women at Davos, Rape in India)
  • Use images  and videos liberally and when appropriate- also look for images that are interesting- the larger the size of the image the better. It's easier to scale down an image to fit the page. Original picture you've taken are encouraged otherwise please look for  creative commons  on Flickr or elsewhere. We often help with image selection so if you are having trouble finding images email us.
  • Niche Topics -  make unique interesting content that fits into the categories we have listed. We publish stories that reflect our vision.
  • Posts should be approximately  250-700 words. If you are republishing a post send us the revised version that fits our guidelines.
  • Send your twitter handle to add to our blogger list.


  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Everyday Sexism
  • Political Female Focused Issues (abortion, equal pay ect.)
  • Leadership in Politics, Film, Arts ect
  • Sex and Love (personal essays)
  • Body Image Issues
  • Inspiration and encouragement
  • Local Tech Events
  • Conferences
  • STEM —empowered women
  • Lack of representation in media, politics ect.


  • Plagiarism  will not be tolerated; however, you are free to provide up to 2 links to other blogs/bloggers if appropriate.
  • No offensive defamatory  content or suggestion will be tolerated.  Our goal is to unite, not divide and this is not the space for material insulting to any group based on gender, race, religion, weight, disability ect. We encourage diverse respectful dialogue.
  • No self-promoting articles  will be accepted for your promotional products/services/company.


  • Author Byline- Along with your post; please submit a photo and one or two sentences about yourself. You can provide a link to your website or fb page.
  • Submissions  should be sent to  our editorial team
  • Guest posts  will go up after our editors have reviewed them. Please note that once your post is reviewed and accepted, you will see it up on Facebook- Please join our Facebook and Twitter page to keep up to date with your post. We do not send individual emails. Submissions will generally be posted in the order they are received, however, Lipstick & Politics Staff and team members will get preference for posting over non-Members.


  • Answer Comments- readers may comment or want to discuss further.   Having an author answer comments creates credibility for you and the site.
  • Promote Your Post- Share your article on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Use social media as a tool to build a larger audience.


  • L&P reserves the right to refuse or remove any posts when deemed necessary or appropriate to do so.
  • L&P also reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time.
  • If you're interested in becoming an ongoing L&P Blog Contributor or a recurring L&P Guest Blogger, please email us for more information and for further details regarding our policies. We have special arrangements certain key bloggers who have a large audience and fit our mission.
  • Being a L&P Blog Contributor or L&P Guest Blogger will give you a voice and visibility to an audience of diverse, dynamic women that will enable you to share your experiences, thoughts, ideas, knowledge and inspiration in an expansive, safe and engaging format.

Thanks for your interest and please spread the word!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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