Baby Clothes: What Makes A Good Gift

Imagine this scenario. You have no kids, but one of your friends or a member in your family has just had a baby. You would like to get a gift or two (or if you’re Indian, you buy the traditional 5 or 7 sets of clothes) for the new baby. What do you do?

Photo courtesy of Neil Barnwell

Have no fear, here are some great tips on what types of clothes we moms love, and what we can’t use.

1. Don’t buy all small sizes. Depending on how many outfits you buy, it’s better to buy one size bigger. So if the baby is three months old right now, buy clothes that would fit a child between six and twelve months old. BUT fast forward to what the weather will be in three to six months. If it’s going to be summer, don’t buy clothes that would be too warm then. This can get a little confusing if you’re thinking nine months away or so. It can also be a great money saver if you buy for next year.

2. Buy in sets, not random pieces. Unless they’re like the big monster booties that a friend bought for my daughter, or a cute hat or blanket. Random shirts or pants are hard to coordinate.

3. Sleepers are only acceptable until 12 months. Many babies start walking around this time, and sleepers are no good because the feet get limited movement. I received a ‘convertible foot’ sleeper for my son and it was amazing. I was able to have his feet out if it was too hot and fold the flap over if his feet were getting cold.

Photo courtesy of Foxymoron

4. Buy clothes that don’t have a lot of buttons. Babies hate changing their clothes and we parents have to be fast so that they don’t cry too much. Something with complicated or tight buttons will not only stress the baby out when they’re getting dressed, it will frustrate the parent, as well. Clothes should also be soft and comfortable since a baby’s skin is always sensitive.

5. Buy something that parents normally wouldn’t buy. If you’re budget allows it, buy the higher end ensemble at the department stores. I remember receiving a lot of pretty dresses for my daughter, things that I wouldn’t have splurged on at the time, and I was thankful for it.

6. Sew/knit/Cross-stitch something if you can! My friend cross-stitched and framed my son’s name, date of birth, and birth weight. It was so thoughtful of her and memorialized a great memory, as well.

7. If you can’t decide on clothes, make your own basket of stuff. This can include toiletries, little toys, gift cards, socks, bibs, and other small baby things that you like.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Roxy

Buying presents for a baby can definitely be confusing, but putting a little extra thought into gifts can be rewarding, especially if you see the baby wearing something that you bought him or her one day.