Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas Having gone through two pregnancies in the last 4 years, I am well aware of the discomfort that mommies endure during their 9 months of pregnancy. Swollen feet, feeling fat, tired, sore backs, it's a lot to go through. This is why I have changed the way I treat baby showers. I mean, it's a great opportunity to pamper the mommy-to-be as well. When my son was born, a few friends of mine pooled together and made me a beautiful basket. Not only did it have some great clothes and toys for my soon to be born baby, they also added a few things for me! It felt sooo nice to be appreciated and pampered, and the gifts they gave me were so useful! They have since converted me to a useful basket giver. This is so valuable, especially to new moms. Below are a few ideas for a basket for baby, and basket for mommy.

by jewell willett from Flickr


1. On the run diaper changing station complete with a pack of travel wipes,vaseline, and sanitizer.

2. Bright and colorful toys for newborns.

3. Baby Oxy Clean spray (this stuff works WONDERS! I use it for for the whole family's stains and I swear it works better than            anything else I have ever tried)

4. Blanket/Receiving blankets

5. Baby hat

6. Some super cute clothes for baby

By ilovememphis on Flickr


1. Something fancy from Bath & Body Works

2. Bio Oil (for stretch marks)

3. Scented Candles

4. Warm fuzzy socks or slippers (these can be used in the hospital for the time mommy needs to spend there post pregnancy

5. A nice pair of pyjamas

6. The Belly Bandit! (Read my blog on Stomach wrapping for more info!)

7. A Yoga mat and Post pregnancy work out DVD

8. A daytimer or calendar to organise her soon to be busy life

Feel free to throw in anything else which was useful to you, or something you would like but don't really splurge on for yourself. Everything you buy should be based on your own experiences and what YOU like, because we all know, Experience is PRICELESS!