Baby Trends – Go With What Works!

As a soon-to-be mom, I must say that shopping for baby can be overwhelming (and very exciting nonetheless). As basic as you think your “to-buy” list may be, you’ll soon learn that would you’ve deemed a basic item actually comes in 20 different varieties with 40 more options you can upgrade to. There really is something for everything…and I mean everything.

Exposure to trendy baby items is inevitable. Even if you’re not out shopping for a plastic giraffe, let’s just say that you’ve seen it a million times enough to know that it’s a baby must-have. And in case you haven’t heard of THE plastic giraffe, meet Sophie The Giraffe - she’s “world famous.” How a toy for teething can become so well renowned over another is beyond me, but trust when I say that this thing is everywhere. It will probably be one of my new parent “ah-ha” moments the day I find myself graciously thanking Sophie for the miracles she works on my teething baby.   Time will tell.

The Blooming Bath

The thing with trending baby items is: take some, leave some.   For me, the ultimate deciding factor on whether I bite on a trend is if I will actually find a use for the thing. Check out this crib by Nursery Works, or this highchair by Bloom Baby for example. According to the latest baby must-haves, anything with an ultra-modern, sleek European design is pretty “in” right now - think very Ikea-esque but 1000 times more expensive. Is it just me, or is it cold in here? Brrrr!

It’s definitely fun to get out into the baby shopping world to see what’s new and innovative: who knew they made baby monitors that come with sensor pads which trigger an alarm the second your baby stops breathing? For example, this baby monitor by Angle Care. It even comes with an LCD touch screen so that you can keep an eye on your baby at all times. Monitors like this are definitely more on the innovative side of things and might I add, pretty pricey, but it’s tough to say no to something that can provide so much reassurance.   Side note - my mom likes to remind me that my sisters and I made it out just fine being monitored by Zeller’s Fisher Price $50 special. Conclusion: saying that innovative products have a way at tugging at any new parent’s heart would be an understatement.


I tend to be more attracted to anything inviting, functional, cozy and comfortable looking….whether its trendy or not. If I can’t see myself wanting to sleep in it, wear it, bath in it or be wrapped in it, then I move on.   Here’s some of the stuff I’ve come across with insightful commentary, of course:

  • 4moms mamaRoo — This may be the one of the only modern-looking/stylish items that I’m sold on. It’s a baby seat with an MP3 player friendly and a built-in white noise machine (constant sound similar to baby’s environment in the womb). Sold!
  • Blooming bath — No cold tub, no rigid plastic. Adaptable and fits in all sinks. I love this thing. Sold!
  • The Ba   -- A BPA free bottle holder designed for small hands so that baby can hold her bottle securely even as young as 3 months. Sold!
  • Booby Trapper nursing covers   — I love the canopy design on these covers. Not only do you get privacy while breastfeeding, but your baby doesn’t have to suffocate under a heavy blanket either. Sold!
  •   Go Crib   -- a crib/play pen that you can take anywhere and by “anywhere” I mean the thing is indestructible and it only weights 7lbs. Sold!
  •   Hulabye “the happy changer”— a vest that you place baby in so that it can’t roll around on the change table.   Pretty sure that I could change 20 diapers in the time it would take me to secure baby into this thing, but I do appreciate the idea.   —Pass
  • Peekaru fleece vest/baby carrier- I get the functionality of this, but it looks a little too Dr. Evil/Mini Me for my liking… — Pass
  •   Skull and crossbones baby clothing — Yup, even you’re innocent little baby can be hardcore. I can’t seem to relate to this trend. —Pass
  •   Snazzy Baby travel chair— strap your baby securely in any chair! I love this idea for shopping carts. Sold!
  •   Texthook Smartphone holder for your stroller — While I’m sure some parents love this thing, I don’t see myself needing to be that attached to my phone while with my baby. —Pass


Sophie the Giraffee

For mom


  • The bamboo birthing shirt — Overzealous? Perhaps. There’s nothing glamorous about giving birth, so for me it’s obviously not about looking stylish. It is, however about not feeling like an inmate or feeling like I am “ill” in a hospital. I want to feel clean & comfortable. — Sold!
  • Timi and Leslie — Hurray for baby bags that don’t scream “diaper!” Plus, these bags come with all the compartments needed to keep everything sorted nicely.   — Sold!

It’s so easy to become inundated with crap when shopping for a newborn especially when there is a “need” created for every product out there. While gadgets and expensive modern furniture may seem appealing, in my opinion sticking what baby really needs (the essentials) is definitely the best starting point.


Stay sane out there, new mommies!