Breastfeeding Part2

A baby's latch can make or break your dicision to breastfeed. If baby has a good latch, breastfeeding can be a wonderful experiece but if baby has a bad latch, mommies can endure weeks of pain. My first child latched on correctly right away. But i wasn't so lucky with my second child. This was partly my fault. I wanted to be able to offer her the breast OR bottle (pumped breastmilk) at my own convenience, but this confused her. She would try latching on but it would take her forever to figure out what the heck to do. Sometimes she would latch on incorrectly and I would realise it a little too late. When i would pull her off I would have a big bubble formed on my nipple which wuld change into a blister, and oh my gosh did it hurt! And what's worse is that I knew I would have to nurse her again in a few short hours! Luckily I did some reserach and found that there is actually a gel that can be purchased and applied directly to the nipples. There are a few different brands available but I used something called Lansinoh. Just a little bit of gel is needed and it heals cracked or sore nipples super fast, usually within 2 days. It is safe for babies to ingest as well which means you don't have to wash it off before you feed your child. Another option is to apply some breastmilk to your nipples after nursing and letting it air dry.

Breastmilk is an extraordinary thing. A friend of mine who moved from India a few years back learn midwifery from her grandmother when she was younger. I envy her. She knows so many holistic treatments for just about anything (stay tuned for an upcoming blog about some of her holistic concoctions). She told me that breastmilk has healing properties in it which can be used for cuts and will help prevent infections. She also suggested I squirt a little milk into my daughter's eye (I know, it sounds weird) when her eye wouldn't stop watering, and it worked! A few months back I also read an article about breastfeeding mothers who kiss their babies. It stated that as a mother kisses her baby, her body will identify any vitamins or minerals her baby might be lacking and her milk will actually change to fulfill that void in her baby on a daily basis. Isn't that amazing??

So while cracked or sore nipples may be a set back, don't let it squash your decision to nurse. There are treatments out there and your baby will learn how to latch on properly as long as you correct him/her. Look at all the benefits and remember, if you have been blessed enough to have a healthy milk supply, why not give it to your baby? You will notice the difference between your childs immune system and formula fed babies immune system as they grow.