Changing the Culture Around Pregnancy.

I recently read an online article about Kate Hudson and how she hates her figure now that she’s pregnant. While I can relate, I also get a bit frustrated when I read or hear about women who complain about their changing bodies while pregnant.

I understand that every woman wants to look attractive, don’t get me wrong, I totally ‘get’ that. But a changing body is inevitable when pregnant. Boobs get bigger, areolas get darker, stretch marks are a sad truth (although many people in my life who haven’t been pregnant yet argue with me that I never moisturized my belly enough, I like to believe I would have gotten my stretch marks regardless).

So I guess this is my shout out to all the pregnant women or women who have had kids. We all have bodies that are not the ‘ideal’ body the media tells us it should be. We have all had the muffin tops and changing breasts and stretch marks… it kinda comes with the package, doesn't it?   Yes I know there are the women out there who bounce back to pre pregnancy figures immediately, but not all of us are like that- and most of them have 3 trainers, 2 chefs, a nanny and at least one housekeeper- or so I'd like to believe.

There needs to be a shift in our mindset and in our culture. Motherhood is a huge job and the body needs to prepare itself this huge task. Pregnancy, labor and motherhood is not a walk in the park. It is literally the most important job in the world… without procreation; no one would be here anymore. Now, that’s a HUGE responsibility.

So honestly, give yourselves a break -women who are pregnant. Eat healthy foods, treat your body with respect and don't fill it with junk, however please don't get caught up with all of the 'perfect body' propaganda. And if it makes you feel better, just remember, I have a belly full of stretch marks along with you.

Yay for stretch mark sisterhood!