Do’s and Don’ts – Pregnant Woman Edition!

While going through my pregnancy, I was amazed to see how many people said inappropriate things to me. They didn't realize how difficult it is to be pregnant, however I believe if they knew better, they would have done (or said) better. So here's a run down of pregnant woman etiquette.

Photo courtesy of Mahalie

Be chivalrous
i.e. offer her a seat on the train or bus, hold doors open for her, and if she drops so;bvbmething on the ground, offer to pick it up for her. Everything becomes more difficult as a pregnancy progresses so something small for you may be a challenge for a mommy to be

Do not touch her belly
...or give it too much attention. I understand there are people out there who become very excited at the thought of a baby in a mothers belly, but that excitement definitely needs to be controlled. Many pregnant women don't like it when someone touches their belly without asking. It's like an invasion of privacy. Some pregnant friends of mine even go as far as saying that there are people out there who think a preggo belly is public property. Pregnancy is a very personal thing, and it is instinctive for a mother to be protective of her belly. So don't even ask! If you are really curious, maybe mention you have never felt a baby kick, and give her the opportunity to offer a feel to you.

Don't ever make jokes about how much she is eating.
Even if you are hilarious, and she is laughing, it's still rude. She is eating for two, going through a million emotions, and a trillion cravings! It's a lot to deal with, so if she's eating a lot, it's normal, and if she's eating nothing it's normal too.

Don't mention anything about her hormones.
We know that pregnant women are hormonal, but mentioning it MAY bring out those hormones even more! Steer clear and always make her feel happy.

Photo courtesy of Vivian Chen

Help her, but not too much
I considered myself to be quite independent while pregnant. So when my family didn't let me mow the lawn, I was very irritated. I enjoyed however, having doors held open for me, someone picking up something off the ground if I dropped it by accident, and not having to stand for long periods of time (over 20 minutes of standing still can make feet swell up). So ask to help first, and if she declines, leave it.

There are many more tips when it comes to Pregnant Woman Etiquette as well, but this is all a good start. Remember, as the belly gets bigger, it's harder to maneuver. It can become a very frustrating time for a pregnant woman, so treat her well!