Ex-Pat Women Throw Fundraising Bash To Help Early Childhood Nutrition In Mumbai

Outgoing AWC co-president, Jamie Abbott

On Saturday, April 27 the American Women’s Club (AWC) of Mumbai, India hosted a gala fundraiser benefiting the Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH).   The event, called Bourbon Street Bash, was held at the Trident Hotel and brought a little French Quarter magic to Mumbai.   AWC is entirely run by volunteers and provides social and volunteer opportunities for ex-pat women (not just Americans) who are living in Mumbai. The organization has a regular partnership with FMCH, which has the primary goal of eradicating malnutrition.


Guests peruse the silent auction items.

As an American ex-pat I’m proud that AWC isn’t just a “ladies who lunch” organization for so-called trailing spouses. There is a lot of lunching, but there is also a sense that we need to give back to the city that is our temporary or adopted home.   Many of the members are talented professionals and many of us are not allowed to work in India. That means putting our energies and skills into other endeavors. The AWC leadership team put countless hours into making this party and fundraiser a success.

Stunning jewelry was featured in the live auction.

Mrs. Amy Haas gets the party started.

The work that FMCH does in the slums of Mumbai helps to save the lives of children. I spoke with Dottie Wagle who is the chairperson of an eight member managing committee, all of whom work pro-bono for the NGO and bring a variety of pertinent professional skills. There is also a small paid staff, but Dorothy told me that the organization tries to maximize the funds that go directly to help communities in need. FMCH works with pregnant mothers and mothers of young children to make sure that they are getting adequate nutrition in-utero and during early childhood. Among the problems that FMCH addresses is the deliberate starvation and neglect of girl children, who are sometimes viewed as a financial burden by struggling families.   The money raised on Saturday will help them reach that and many other goal.

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