Gifts For The Holidays – What’s The Message?

Christmas shopping is hardly easy. Gifts for the kids should be a simple choice. They’re not subtle about what they want; they scream it from the top of their lungs when the advertisement comes on TV. My son has me running to the TV every time he sees something he likes. “Mommy come here, quickly, RUNNNN” he says as he delightfully points to the TV and says “Can you buy me THAT?” For the most part though, I have an idea of what I want to get for him — a play kitchen.

Ok, so there are a few people who think the gift is a little girly. I couldn’t care less. My son loves to cook with me. I know he’s going to absolutely love it. But you see, it’s not my son’s present I am having a tough time with. It’s actually my daughter! I would have thought that as a female I would be more in tune with what she might want. Wrong. My biggest challenge is finding something that’s not ‘Princess’ related. Everything for little girls is princess themed. Shoes, dress up clothes, coloring books, ride on toys, I’m serious- everything. It actually starts disgusting me. I mean, what does a princess DO anyways? She is married into a royal family for the most part, and she kind of goes along with what her family wants her to. She doesn’t have a career, she doesn’t earn money, she hardly has any obligations other than what the royal family gives to her. That doesn’t sound fun to me! I want to buy a present that makes my daughter feel smart, or help her be successful and driven and a role model for others. It’s true — I’m an anti-princess promoting mother. But I don’t mind. I will always encourage my daughter to look deeper and discover WHY she wants to achieve goals, not just because it’s the latest fad or trend, and definitely because Disney wants to promote Cinderella, Snow White, and whichever other female they try to make money off of. I want her to have real role models, ones who are admired for their success and intellect. Maybe a doctors set, or a toy airplane (I would love to see her become a pilot, even if just for a hobby), or something to help her read sooner. Something valuable.

Of course, the day may come when she is begging me for princess type toys or dress up clothes, and at that day, I may succumb to her plea, however as long as I have a say in it, I will never buy her something that doesn’t enrich her life in one way or another.