Mothers Day

I used to be the type of person who never told others what I wanted as gifts for my birthday or Mother's Day. My husband would ask me what I wanted and I would politely reply, "Oh, nothing. Don't worry about it; I don't need anything." It’s true that many of us don't really NEED anything. We live in a generation where all needs are easily met and so are most “wants.” If we want something, we buy it, no matter what the effect might be on our personal credit. I'm not really like that though. There are things that I want but I don't buy, just because I don't like buying excess "stuff." I try to be as minimalistic as possible. So when I tell my husband, “Oh, I don't need anything,” it's kind of true.

But are there things I want? Heck yeah! I want flowers; I want jewelry; I want a day just to myself, without having to worry about mommy and wifey duties; I want a pedicure. So why did I tell my husband I don't "need" anything? I have no idea. He would prefer me just telling him, but I would prefer he just "know." This, my friends, is an endless cycle of doom if your husband is like mine. I love him to death, but poor guy, he is NOT a good gifter (bless his heart). He is pretty oblivious as well, so when I claimed that I don't "need" anything, he didn't hear me actually saying, "YESSS, BUY ME A PRETTY WATCH!"

I talked to a good friend of mine and she gave me some life-changing advice. "Do what my sister does," she says. "Go out, buy something you love, go home, show your husband, and say, ‘look honey, this is from you - it's my birthday present.’" I was kinda appalled. I mean how could you just pick your own present? Shouldn't your husband get it for you? But my friend's advice was so correct. Why bother with the chance of disappointment just because some person said that husbands should "know" what you want if they really love you. I don't believe that them just "knowing" what you want is a statement of their love. They truly try their hardest, but if you don't love your gift, you will be disappointed. This way it's a win-win situation. You win because you get what you really want, and the husband wins because he doesn't have to stress over buying you something that you truly want.

On a side note, fellas, please keep trying. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. A card, flowers, a box of chocolates are all easy, never-fail suggestions. If you have kids, give your wife some alone time, allow her the freedom to go out all alone at her leisure (strictly ban her from entering any grocery store or running other errands), give her a pedicure, make her a nice dinner or breakfast. After all, the best feeling for me is knowing that my family needs me and I need them. Appreciation. And that's what Mother's Day is all about. Appreciating the mothers of the world for everything they do. Happy Mother's Day!