Mother’s Day-

On this Mother's Day! Here are a few reasons we can all be thankful to our mother's on mother's day.

1. She gave you birth.

For those mothers out there that have felt the pains of childbirth and pregnancy.

You are to be saluted.

Possibly the biggest gift our mothers gave to us is LIFE

2. Your mother raised you. Every child remember the small moments when a mother took her time and gave

unconditional moments of love.

3. She loved you.

Most of us don't remember how we were the center of the universe for our mothers and our families...but to get to where you are today, someone had to make sure you got enough to eat, enough to drink and a roof over your head.

4.She put her kids first

5.She's the glue that holds the house together.

6. She hurts more than you do when you are in pain.

7. She works hard to keep the family together and give you boundless love

8. She comforts you when things don't go your way.

9. She is your   first teacher.

10. She's only one who believes you'll marry your prince.

When we are young, mother's are the source of our being. They nourish our spirit and feed our soul. We can never really thank them for all the moments of love and giving but we can appreciate with a small sentiment of kindness. Give them a hug, a card or a new car...

Happy Mother's Day.