Parents Around The World Face The Same Summer Vacation Struggles


Photo courtesy of AcroYogi

American children are in the middle of their summer break, but in India the summer is over and kids are back at school.   Nevertheless, parents the world over face the same challenges; keeping kids occupied while wanting them to also have free time. Not to mention the parents getting a little time for themselves.   In a recent column for DNA India,   Anita Vachharanjani reminiscences about the way things used to be while struggling to find appropriate activities for her daughter:

I guess the key difference between then and now is that our neighbourhoods felt different then. With more kids, lesser traffic and fewer human predators around (or so our parents thought), we could be left to our own devices. Today, even if we did live in a building full of kids (we don’t), I doubt my kid would be walking into people’s houses like we used to — or for that matter, strolling around with her pals, scoring sugared drinks. Unfortunately, in these paranoid times, we cast a protective net around our children. And safety nets, typically, tend to trap memories and dreams.


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