Parents, You May Want To Rethink The Message You Allow Your Children To Receive

I am not really sure where this amazing digital pamphlet came from, but we here at Lipstick and Politics think it really speaks to what our culture promotes about women. For little girls, being pretty is taught as paramount. Sure, as a parent you may abhor the messages our children receive, but the reality is... you may still be implicitly going along with the societal indoctrination of girls. It's easy to unintentionally educate them that women are supposed to be a certain way. Pretty. Skinny. Cute. Yada, Yada, Yada. In fact, you may not be attuned to what's going on around them on a daily basis and all the ways these messages are affecting their little brains. You may catch a glimpse of the obvious (Barbies, princesses, wearing pink), but when it comes down to it how may of us take the time to analyze every situation and then realize the impact of what's happening? I'd say...not often enough. Here's a moment to take it in and think about what we'd really like to teach our boys and girls.

I'd like to ask. Why can't it be beauty and brains? Why can't girls choose to embrace their feminine traits as well as their masculine characteristics? We all love things of beauty so taking care of yourself and your body is a great idea, BUT it can NOT be the only idea.   Am I right?   It's a complex issue, but worth taking the time to contemplate.