Postpartum Belly Wrapping

If I could pick one thing I wish I would have known before having kids, it would be the practice of belly wrapping, Basically, women all over the world have been known to wrap their torsos up, in most instances, right after birth, and it's supposed to help reshape all of that sagging skin that doesn't know where to go. A friend of mine told me about one product in particular called the Belly Bandit. A friend of my friend's used the Belly Bandit after having both kids, and trust me.., she's one of those women who never looks like they had kids. Actually after having my daughter, my mom even suggested wearing a 'belt' of hers, but I didn't think she knew what she was talking about so I declined. I wish I would have listened.

I know there are some skeptical people out there, some say belly wrapping works, some say it's bogus. The way I see it, anyone who has had babies knows the frustration after having a baby. The first few days after having a baby, I didn't know how the heck to hide my belly. I mean, my baby has been born but I still looked pregnant! So in that type of situation I would have tried the Belly Bandit or any other product out there simply because I'm not gonna lose much if I DO try. Okay, the Belly Bandit is kind of expensive. I bought mine for about $80, and to be honest, I wish I would have splurged and bought the one made of organic bamboo instead (that one is around $115). Supposedly that one is much more comfortable. I also found out about it a little late. I was already 7 weeks post partum, but I still went out and bought it. Again, what's $80 bucks out of my pocket if I can regain some confidence in my body?

There are definitely other brands besides the Belly Bandit out there as well. The trick is to wear whatever wrapping you have as soon as you can after birth as it is most effective in the first 6 weeks post partum. I think this is a great gift to give to a mommy to be at a baby shower.

I have found a few different websites on belly wrapping products and have added them below. Remember, these products don't offer any guarantees, but I have only heard good things about these products. The women who use them swear by them. Oh and if you have used a belly wrapping product or technique, please share it below as well!