5 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day

1. Donate Money To Women’s Causes.

There are so many causes around the world that need your help. Find an organization that reflects your values and give! If you can't think of any, check out Samasource  , Kiva  or The Global Fund for Women. All of them help women around the world and are great ways to help!

2. Attend An Event Focused on Women’s Issues.

There are a ton of events around the world International Women's Day

3. Watch a documentary.

There are so many great films exposing the positions women are often forced to take, from Miss Representation to the latest Oscar nominated documentary.

4. Write a Blog .

Announcing that it’s International Women’s Day to your friends and family who may not be aware that women have their own special day.

5. Don’t be afraid to call yourself a Feminist.

Feminism has a bad rap. When you think of a feminist, you probably envision a angry man hating woman. Am I right?   If that is the vision that popped into your mind, well... you are thinking about the radical side of the ideology. Just like the radical side of anything, extremes tend to slow progress. So goes the case for feminism.   Most women and a lot of men hate the word. They would never be caught telling anyone they have feminist sympathies. Feminism is not what many think it is. It's simply a push for equal treatment, not better treatment. Women should be paid the same, get the same opportunities and benefits that men get. Don't you think? After all, when the women in your life are getting less...you get less.