5 Ways to Wear Perfume.

photo courtesy of weheartit tumblr

Finding a signature scent is one thing, putting it on is another. Most women dab a little on their wrists, a little behind the ears and figure they are good to go. I can't imagine too much thought goes into how to wear perfume, most of what we do is what we've seen our mothers or media teach us. The big question is, are there pulse points and places on the body that the perfume would last longer? Is there a right way to wear your favorite scent or a scent you're just testing out? At the end of the day there is no real right way, just a way to make the perfume last a little longer.

1. Know the Different Types of Perfumes.

Perfumes are synthetic or natural fragrant extracts diluted in water or high grade alcohol.   Parfum has the highest concentration of perfume oil usually 20% and should last at least 5-6 hours. Eau de Parfum is about 15% and that can last 3-4 hours. You can see the price difference when you buy Eau de Toilettes which contain about 3-8% oil, lasting an average of two hours- depending on notes- and the lowest percentage of perfume oil is in Eau de Colognes with only 3%.

2. Layer Your Scent.

Bath Gels of your favorite parfume are an   intoxicating way to start your day or night.   Showering yourself with your favorite scent will help the perfume last longer and add a layer of complexity to what you're wearing. It's also important to start with clean skin to make the most of your scent, so cleaning yourself with a scented soap or gel is an excellent way to do both, clean and layer. I love to layer with different complimentary scents as well. For example, I have some Jasmine body cream by EO that I will use before using Tam Doa by Parisan perfumer Diptyque. I love the woodsy smell of Tam Dao and know it goes well with Jasmine.

3. Moisturize Before you Spray

Priming your body with a perfume cream of the same scent you intend to wear makes your perfume last longer. Not only because the body is moisturized but because you've added a layer of scent. If you don't to use perfume cream, use oil or any type of moisturizer that works for your skin. Dry skin does not hold scent as long as oily skin- and I am sure you can guess why. Oils in the perfume join with the oils on your skin to create a slower diffusion process and this is exactly what you want.

4. Where to Use it

How much perfume you use really depends on what type of perfume you have purchased.  Knowing this, where and how you spray makes a difference. With Parfum or Eau de Parfum,   using a tiny drop on pulse points, wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, is just fine. Usually a light spray works after the shower, letting the notes of the perfum settle on your skin before you head on out. With Eau de Toilettes and Ea de Colognes, one can get a little more creative. 2-3 sprays works fine on pulse points, making sure you are getting the most surface area when you spray instead of little dabs in concentrated areas. Again wait for the scent to settle after you spray, usually if you run out after spraying, you'll be that annoying person who is wearing too much perfume. I usually like to spray a little perfume at the nape of my neck right under my hair, getting under my hair and my neck. The only way anyone will get a whiff of this is if they close enough to kiss you or give you a hug which is usually pretty nice way to say hello.

5. Allow the Scent to Dry

One of the   biggest mistake in wearing perfume is dressing right after spraying on fresh skin. The perfume rubs off on the clothes, rather than settling and being absorbed in the skin.Having the scent on your clothes rather than on your skin inhibits the development of the fragrance to align with your natural scent. I'm sure you known a fragrance to smell different on different people and that is why it's imperative to allow the scent to marinate on your body create a fragrance that is uniquely yours.

Have a beautiful fragrant weekend.