A Luxurious Bomber Jacket

We want to be up to date on the latest fashion styles and one of our favorite pieces of the season is the bomber jacket. This type of jacket comes in many styles, but the satin embroidered bomber jacket is so chic and versatile. Liat shows off the jacket:

Floral Bomber Jacket 4

Photo courtesy of Liat

I must admit I have a big crush on the latest bomber jackets. The silky fabric with the embroidered details have been spotted everywhere, from runway to street style.

An embroidered bomber jacket is simply the perfect way to inject a fun and sporty element to any look. I also think that the informal and comfy silhouette is so easy to wear. Just throw it over anything and you are ready to turn some heads with your stylish look.

Floral Bomber Jacket 3

Photo courtesy of Liat

There is something so irresistible about this Zara statement piece, inspired by Stella McCartney bomber collection, and apparently, I was not the only one who thought that way, the satin embroidered jacket was really hard to get…. I ended up ordering the jacket online.

What’s great about this bomber is that, because of the luxurious feel of it, it can literally take you from day to night.
Since florals have always been a staple prints of spring, I decided to wear it head to tow. I will not let the gloomy weather ruin my springy mood. Therefore, I paired the floral printed bomber with with a floral lace skirt.

Floral Bomber Jacket 1

Photo courtesy of Liat


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