Barefaced And Beautiful

Makeup is not a mask. It's a tool, an accessory, and a form of expression, but for many women, they are intimidated of stepping outside without makeup. However, there's nothing wrong with being barefaced and it can be quite liberating! Alyson tells us more. 

Photo courtesy of Alyson

I’ve been going out in public without makeup more and more lately and I’ve been loving it.

Back in college, no one (besides my roommate), saw me without my makeup on.  Even when I did errands, I made sure I had a full face of makeup on and carved time out every week to make sure I had a fresh mani and pedi.  Sometimes being a girl can be so hard – ha.

Now…not so much.  So I decided to go through with a week experiment of going makeup free.  First came no makeup, and then I decided to give my nails a break too.  I thought, why not!?  I don’t remember seeing my toes and nails bare since high school!

There’s a long list of reasons why I went makeup and nail polish free for a week, which I explain more below, but it was mainly because of my new found attitude of EFF IT.


I guess it all really started when I got eyelash extensions.  I looked more awake, put together, and I just felt prettier overall, even without makeup.  Read more about why I love them here.


Then I got my brows microbladed.  My skin was healing and because my new brows looked ridiculous no matter what, no amount of makeup made it look any better.  So I kinda gave up on applying makeup and just let my body heal itself.

Photo courtesy of Alyson


I talked about my love for chemical peels in my last post (see here) and because it does take about a week for my skin to fully heal, I preferred not to add makeup on top of my extra sensitive skin.  PLUS, my skin always looks amazing a week after, so I’ve been embracing the look of my new skin sans makeup.  For me, the ultimate goal in beauty would be to have skin so beautiful that I don’t even need foundation.


Sure I may have found loopholes by going makeup free, but for me, these are MAJOR steps forward.  I’m on this journey of self-acceptance and I feel like as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been taking on more of that EFF IT attitude.  As someone who is a self-proclaimed beauty junkie who used to wear makeup all the time, finding ways to make myself feel comfortable in my own skin is good enough for me.

When was the last time you went makeup & nail polish free for more than 2 or 3 days?


Alyson is the beauty and style guru behind the blog, Beauty Vanity. Based in San Francisco, Alyson believes makeup should make a person "feel beautiful, inside and out" and uses her blog to write about her perspective on "beauty, fashion, and lifestyle." She shares her makeup experiences and reviews, keeping in mind what products work out for her and what would benefit her readers. Follow Alyson on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!