MAC Barely there Lips and Brown Bag Nails- A Must for a Sexy Spring Look.

MAC limited edition neutral line in Brown Bag nail color has got to be the most perfect color on brown skin. The flesh toned nail polish does for brown skin what soft pink and off whites have been doing for lighter skin tones. It adds another air of sophistication and sexiness. Naked pigments are an excellent way to make hands look beautiful and well groomed. Since hands are one of the first places to show age, it’s a nice way to keep your hands looking soft and pretty. Brown Bag is limited color ladies, so I would snatch it before it’s all gone.

Brown Bag Nail Color

The “craft-paper couture’ is as MAC puts it, “an inspired idea cut like a pattern and whipped into a seamless spectrum of parchment-to-vellum beiges and occasional, clever color spill, coral among the most au courant. Avec Prêt-à-Papier.”


The barely there look is a nice departure from loud bright colors that MAC is famous for. Don’t get me wrong, the strong spring/summer colors do have their place but a sexy monochromatic shades scream sophistication. Wearing a naked color on lips and nails shows a sense of confidence and artful understanding of makeup since not every nude pigment is made for every skin tone.   To be honest, I ’ve seen some really bad choices regarding the nude lip. One thing is for sure, a darker lip liner is not the answer especially   if your   goal is to have a nude lip. The liner can be a shade darker to add definition but not two or three shades darker is a huge no-no. I wont recommend a color for nude lips because I think you should test out several nude colors and see what is right for you. My all time favorite nude lip is 3N which was a limited color from MAC. Here’s a little tip for shopping for nude lip colors-The way I shop for nude lip colors is I test it on my hand. The skin on my hands I a little darker than my face so I know I will get a little color. If you choose a color with a little pink or brown undertone, it still can look nude but give you a little color at the same time.

Happy Shopping!