Moroccan Oil is Liquid Gold!

One of the perks of attending events in Hollywood is that often you get a lot of free stuff, stuff that you don’t care about or will never use. Every now and again, I get a product or gift that I fall in love with. This year, it was Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I was a little apprehensive about taking the oversized peacock blue reusable bag containing the matching   blue 8.5oz bottle of Moroccan oil shampoo (moisture repair hydratante) and conditioner. More products didn’t really seem to be the answer for my overstuffed bathroom. My rational mind only showed itself for a few seconds before I caved to suspect consumer logic and economic reasoning. It’s free.
In reality, I didn’t expect much from the shampoo or conditioner and almost left it behind at the hotel but one whiff of the signature ingredient called argan oil   and immediately it drew me in. The Argan fruit, a little bigger than an olive is grown exclusively in Morocco. The fruit itself has been cultivated for centuries and used as a miracle cure, it’s so valuable they’ve nicknamed it liquid gold. Argan is a rich emollient and can moisturize both the skin and hair.   For the skin, the oil is said to have anti- aging and anti-inflammatory properties and what it does for the hair is remarkable.
I was most impressed with the ingredients missing from the bottle. Listed in bold orange right smack on the front of the bottle, it reads sulfate- phosphate and paraben free. Why is this important you may ask? Well those specific ingredients that are suspected to cause cancer. As an informed buyer, I am on the hunt for products that don‚t have carcinogens, because nearly everything we use does. Most shampoos or soaps I find have some version of   Sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS), Sodium laurilsulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS or NaDS). SLS‚s ability to create lather is its selling point. Most people assume that if you have suds, you must be getting a really good cleaning. Unfortunately with the lather, you’re also getting a lot of stuff you don‚t want either. These carcinogens are not only in your shampoos and hand soap; they are also in cleaning agents. So the very fact that Moroccan oil doesn’t have these ingredients is a big thing.

Perhaps the only problem with this amazing product discovery is where to find it. I thought it might show up at Whole foods or local beauty supply stores but upon further inquiry, Moroccan oil has an interesting delayed exclusivity. Once available at Bath and Body Shop, it is now salon exclusive. I ordered another bottle online, since I am already at the end of my free bottle. With this new favorite shampoo, there is finally incentive to throw away products that sorta work.