Tips On Laser Hair Removal

Like most women, I have been obsessed with hair removal. I have tried everything from shaving, waxing, sugaring, tweezing, epilators and finally laser hair removal. I have found that lasering is an excellent option, as it is fast, effective and virtually painless.

For a number of years I worked as a laser technician and I learned a fare bit about laser hair removal do’s and don’t’s along with my own research and experiences. I have had a couple of friends ask me how to find a laser clinic, so I thought I would share my knowledge with our Lipstick and Politics readers.

1. Find a clinic/spa where a doctor or nurse does the laser hair removal.

Although there are a lot of “laser technicians” out there, make sure you go somewhere where the doctor or nurse does the lasering. A lot of times a laser tech has only had a couple of hours of training, and although laser machines are not that hard to figure out, I want someone who has studied the body for years to work on my skin.

Also, “medically supervised” means that the doctor will NOT be doing your laser. Again, a laser technician with minimal training and knowledge of the body will be removing your hair.

2. The best way to find a clinic/spa is word of mouth.

My best laser experiences have been with nurses that my friends have gone to. Most of the time these nurses don’t have their own clinics or spas, they just buy the laser machine and rent a room in a spa. I found out about my current laser lady through friends and now my whole family goes to see her. She is amazing at what she does, and best of all, she’s a NURSE so I feel safe.

3.   If you’re pregnant DON’T do laser hair removal.

Currently there is not enough research to know if a baby would be affected by the laser light. It’s best to shave, wax or get sugaring done until you have had your baby.

Another reason you don’t want to get hair removed with a laser when pregnant is that your hormones are constantly changing. The hair on your face is controlled by hormones, as your hormones change so will the hair on your face.

4. Understand that lasering is NOT permanent hair removal, instead it is hair reduction.

I have seen one too many advertisements claiming that they can permanently remove your hair. After numerous treatments I can ensure you that you will NEVER be able to permanently get rid of all the hair on your body.

Also because the hair on your face is hormonal, and your hormones will change as time goes on, so will your hair growth.

5. DO your own research.

Although lasering is a fast, effective hair removal method it can also do a great deal of damage to your skin. It is VERY easy to burn the skin during the process because of the high temperature of the laser.

Make sure you ask what kind of laser the clinic is using and read up on it! Research the side effects of laser hair removal and also the clinic or spa where you will be getting your treatment done.

6. Laser hair removal DOES NOT have to be painful.

Talk to your doctor about an over the counter pain reliever. Also, many clinics and spas sell numbing creams that help with the pain. I would be careful with numbing creams because they don’t allow you to feel the heat of the laser, thus making it easier to burn.

7. DON’T be afraid to speak up.

You know your body better than anyone else. If it feels too hot it means it is. You should feel a warm sensation but the laser should never feel hot. If it’s uncomfortable make sure you speak up and let your laser practitioner know they need to turn it down.

Make sure whatever hair removal process you decide to use that you are comfortable with it. Be comfortable in your own skin.