Vibrating Mascara?


I’m not sure what all the buzz is about with this new vibrating, oscillating mascara. The truth is, it allows   one to add another element of lazy to applying makeup. Now I don’t have shake the brush to apply it on my lids, the battery powered 30$ wand will do that for me.   Elana Drell- Szyfer, senior VP of global marketing for Estee Lauder claims, “ there is a relationship between vibration, length and volume, separation and curl.” Hmmm…really? Are we really taking about Mascara??


Well if it takes an oscillation brush to ‘organize’ my lashes, then perhaps the 30 dollars was worth it? After all, the longer the lashes, the sexier the eyes…right?   And, its not like technology was really going to leave the make-up world alone. So now, this makes my application 10 seconds quicker. Yeah! I love new makeup technology that costs 30 dollars and organizes my unorganized lashes. Thank God someone was thinking of a new way to make more money and save me time!