5 Favorite Things on Canada Day!!!!!!!

1. Poutine.

As a Canadian living in the USA, my nostalgia for Canada has never really died. I have often reminisced about the good   ol'times in Canada- the things that I miss are famously Canadian- like Poutine for example. Hardly any American understands just how good this gooey yummy melted cheese  gravy soaked french fries dish really   is. Sure, you can call it the cardiac combo but you can also call it DAMN good. Drench on some ketchup and you've got saucy heaven! Number one favorite thing I love about Canada it's Poutine- and if you don't know how serious Candians- particularly the Quebecois take their poutine here's a   website in Montreal called Montreal Poutine and all they do is review poutine. Now that's what's up.

2. 1000 dollar Bill

I have to say, I love that Canada has a 1000 dollar bill. Most of us don't want to carry around large bills or even pay with cash anymore- some of you may have forgotten what it is. It's paper value we exchange for value of goods or services. Most of us don't even handle cash anymore, we just use our credit or atm cards for everything...but if you want to remind yourself how nice it is to hold a couple thousand dollars in your hand, get some Canadian thousand dollar bills and grab a Molson Canadian in the other hand, I promise you, you'll thank me.

3. Maple Syrup.

Most of the world's maple syrup is exported from Canada. So isn't it nice you can throw on some wonderful sugary syrup with those flapjacks. Maple sugar is just as good. I usually buy some when I go to Canada- and then convince myself that it's natural and so it must be good for me. Right? Canadians have become so inventive that now, we've can maple syrup cookies, salmon- you name it, it can be covered with maple syrup.

4. Ketchup Chips

My obsession with Ketchup Chips by Old Dutch began in high school. Lunch consisted of Ketchup chips and Fries with Gravy. I know, it was a hearty healthy lunch for a growing mind. What can I say, nutrients are not high on the list when you are 16, flavor is. You just eat what tastes good, and these are such a Canadian acquired taste that now, I crave them. Most non- Canadians don't get it and hence why they are truly Canadian. When I head back to the our northern neighbor, i bring back at least a few bags of ketchup chips.

5. Banff

Banff is probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Growing up, we drove to Banff on weekends, not knowing what a treasure we had just a few hours away. The best part was leaving the city to see the glory of the mountains emerge in full view. If there was only one thing you could experience while in Canada, I would say experience Banff. It's surreal in it's beauty and majestic landscape. It's something you truly should not miss.

Happy Canada Day folks!