5 Reasons To Go To Paris

To be honest, no one really NEEDs a reason to go to Paris, much less travel but since I am  working from Paris, I decided to give a nod to the beautiful the city that hungers to feed anyone that comes to her home. And speaking of being fed, oh my GOD have I been eating. Mostly, street food, what can I say-I'm a connoisseur of the finer things in life. I love FOOD- have I said that before? I love food.

Reason Number ONE to go to Paris...

1. Gourmet Street Food. Anywhere you travel- the food should be GREAT. I've said this for years- but travel should be as much about culture as FOOD. In fact, sometimes, Food may even trump culture. I'm often unimpressed when I head to a city or country and the food seems to be last item to dazzle.

Best Gooey CREPE i ever HAD! Pic by Mira Veda

These are the guys that made me my crepe..even they have swagger pic by Mira Veda

2. Everything in French Sounds Great.

I"ve made a list of a few swear words you ought to know...but to be honest- it's hard for them to sound as bad as most of our English words do.  Merde!(maird) is the french word for shit and to be honest....it still sounds pretty nice. You'll hear the French extend it sometimes like MAIR-duuuhhhh” instead of the more accurate “maird” but if you try and sound it out..you'll find it still sounds pretty nice. Another nice French swear word is Foutre/ Je m’en fou (FOO-truh)/(Juh men foo)-which literally translates to "I don't give a fuck"- still sounds good to me..you?

3. The Eiffel Tower.

This may sound like a cheesy tourist thing to say, but the Eiffel Tower is a marvel to see. The tower was built in 1889 in accordance of a project of architect Gustav Eiffel.   It measures 320 meters high with 3 levels. We walked to the 2nd level, mostly to walk off the amazing French hot dog we ate.   Each level has cafe's, and 360 degress of   observatory space- which is obviously barred up so people don't jump.   The plaza before the tower is crawling with tourists from everywhere who have come to take the cheesy pictures of "holding the tip of the tower" -but when you get to the 2nd floor, the visuals are breathtaking. In fact the light show of the tower is even more incredible- but also very difficult to capture by camera.

Beautiful at night. Pic by Mira Veda

4. Shopping.

The shopping in Paris is a dream. It is truly the ultimate shopping experience. Everyone looks fabulous in some sheik style that makes me wonder, how much do people spend on their clothes. In any case, there are cute little shops everywhere with the most up to date interesting designs. It's hard not to run into a street with shops with either for food or clothes.


5. The History.

Coming from America and Canada, I realize the lack of history also means the lack of deep seated cultural influence. Seeing the architecture and beautiful history around every corner in Paris is brilliant. There are so many different types of people in Paris that are so uniquely Parisan, that one can't help see the inter connected culture and history. Every person's historical influence has made Paris what she is- the travelers who came to Paris, the Artists, Poets and Scientists- you truly can see all of this when you walk into different areas of Paris.

by Chris Winters via Flickr

Put that on your wish list- if you have not gone yet...it's been on my list for years!! Finally, being in Paris is a dream!   All i have   imagined it would be.

Enjoy your weekend.

Love from Paris..