6 Of The Most Interesting TV Shows for Feminists

Here’s a list of shows on major television channels that you should follow! These are some of the coolest shows on major television channels that  feature female characters of different time periods, ethnicities, occupations, and genres. One can relate to female characters easily when women who are making their own decisions; striving and struggling like real human beings. They not only provide women presence on the small screen, they represent the capability, faults, and strength that lead female characters on television should have.

  The Good Wife

1. The Good Wife

Women in law and, most recently, in politics. These are women who are aware of the significance their work has when they make moves in these male-dominant fields. They are decisive, but they are vulnerable at times as well. More often than not, I find myself cheering when Alicia Florrick stands up for her views.


2. Elementary

This is a refreshing twist of the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. There’s a change in location, a revamp of Sherlock’s background, compelling cases...oh, and Watson is a woman! Joan Watson is a modern take on the character and the writers have handled her characterization well. Plus, she has fabulous outfits.

Sleepy Hollow

3. Sleepy Hollow

There are a lot of different elements going on in this show–fantasy, horror, history, mystery–but they all lend themselves to an engaging story with memorable characters. Ichabod Crane is a man out of his time and opposite him is present day Abbie Mills, but, regardless of the time they were born in, they stand as equal partners in every episode.

Agent Carter

4. Agent Carter

It wasn’t common to have female comic book heroes star in their own television show, but things are changing and Peggy Carter is a fantastic start to a burgeoning wave of new series. She lives in a time when men didn’t take her seriously and she still kicks ass. Yet, with all the power she has, her vulnerability still has weight.

Jane the Virgin

5. Jane the Virgin

Based off of a telenueva, the quirky, dramatic, and endearing elements translates smoothly into this recent show. Aside from the fun antics, Jane Villanueva and her family are independent and complex characters. They are women who are have their own beliefs, practices, and decisions, but still love one another unconditionally.

Masters of Sex

6. Masters of Sex

This isn’t just any medical-period drama on television: the exploration into human sexuality is purposeful and enticing as the lead characters of the show. Virginia Johnson and William Masters are intelligent, resolute, and driven, but they struggle against societal standards of sex and gender while understanding their own relationship.