The Art Of Noticing Food

I debated whether or not I wanted to write about this very special, hidden gem of a restaurant in fear of interfering with the absolutely perfect peaceful vibe its got going on. PLEASE, only go to  Inaka  if you are going to appreciate it for the amazingly authentic, healthy, quiet, zen haven that it is. I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant. Located on La Brea in Los Angeles, I have passed by dozens of times without even noticing it was there! Between the minimal decor, the service, the food, and even the delicate aesthetic of the dishes, Inaka has all bases covered.

To drink, I recommend ordering the Kuki-cha (twig) tea with ginger. It is dark in color, almost like coffee, but has a sweet nutty taste. The fresh ginger adds a spicy kick and is great for digestion.

Lauren with our Kuki-cha tea 🙂

I usually get an Inaka plate with lotus, tofu salad, pumpkin, kale & hijiki

You can choose your own assortment from a list of many different vegetables… you truly can’t go wrong, they are all amazing.

Another favorite item is the seafood hot pot: sea bass and salmon with mixed vegetables in a pumpkin/miso broth.

This dish is the definition of comfort food and perfect for sharing.

Inaka is the  Souen  of LA. Its been around since the 70’s and apparently hasn’t changed much over the years. The food is so simple, fresh, delicious and everything is macrobiotic (which means unprocessed, seasonal and nutritionally balanced).

Let’s keep this place our little secret.
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