Intoxicate with Chocolate


The newest most necessary luxury to emerge defiantly into my life over the past few years has been Chocolate. Defiantly, I say because I never chose for chocolate to invade my senses in the way it has. It just happened one day as I sat timidly over a Dolfin dark chocolate bar with pink peppercorn. I was a little intimidated by a chocolate bar that commands so much. Dolfin Chocolate Noir Au Poivre Rose- takes its name from the Dauphin, or royalty upon birth, conferred as the air apparent to the French throne. Lavish? Exquisite? Yes. Unfolding the wrapper, takes you into the scent of pepper folded in deep dark chocolate. At first bite of the peppery dark square, the warm sensual flavor of melting chocolate in the mouth is truly intoxicating.   Fading notes of pepper enthrall the senses to a new height of indulgence. My mind dripping from the sumptuosity of every kiss of chocolate- now this is LIVING.


I have become a discerning connoisseur of the luxurious- what can I say. I love all things of beauty and decadence…and my advice to you on this Valentine Day…find your necessary luxury.

Love you and Happy Valentine Day. xox