Photography as Art.

Photography is one of those rare creative arts that can move the imagination into infinite directions. New digital techniques married with traditional methods of photography are creating a wave of interesting visuals. I'm amazed at what the new digital artists can do. They create seamless connection of images and ideas- some take me far into my subconscious, places I found through the surrealists artists of yesteryear.   I think of Dali or Donati- painting visual existential choice- so far deep in the subconscious that it took their intensifying visual to make me realize what I was. Who I could be.  These places I dared only to explore with the Artists soul on my shoulder- taught and confined by societies grip on my   judgement. Apparently, women must be sweet, tender, loving, demure- agreeable. Oh how wrong society is...

Dali- body of woman. Head of Flower

Dali Skull of Women

The Digital Artists are doing the same thing as the traditional artists that came before them. I can't help but take a look at some of the images and wonder how one conceives of such things. Some Digital Artists are creating works only through digital techniques, while others are working with photo manipulation as well as digital manipulation- needless to say there are immense possibilites.

Mattheiu Delu- remake of Dali Skull of Women

A digital artist to watch is Michael Oswald . His visuals give me a sense that his artistic talent and skill in technology depend on projections of the self -   I feel most great artists draw from the confines of society and limitations of the self.

It's hard not to be inspired to have conversations after looking at Art- be it digital or traditional. But again- isn't that the role of the creative? To entice us to converge, engage and communicate.

My wish this weekend is for you to enjoy ART and get into conversation about what ever drives you. Good or Bad. What fuels you? Find your thoughts that were hidden, repressed or shattered through ART!