Haunted By The Web- How Do You Unplug?

I unplugged recently, got away, went off the radar. In the midst my distance from the grid, I started to think about what I really want to do with my 'free' time. It's a wonder   how much time frees up when the internet isn't hovering over every attempt to pay attention. How many minutes until until lunch? Oh right-   back to writing. The reason for my one day separation from the web was simple, I am tired of getting all my information about the world from the little box on my desk.I don't know any other way to get information without switching on the web and searching for a place to eat or where to see a movie. How was this done in the old days??

It seems   I'll never be able to rid myself of the horrible hold the web has on me. The ghost of web haunts me everywhere I go, forget about when I sit in front of my computer   and try to work- I am pretty sure, his name is Facebook or was it Twitter or maybe Google? That's the thing about ghosts, they are always morphing into the next creature to suck the life out of you. The only thing I can reasonably do is get out of the situation because everyone knows, you have be the one   to leave the ghost behind, he'll never leave you. So, there begins my story- shut if off and try to see the world without the web!!

For me, life is about the necessary luxuries-   Here are my thoughts in pictures.

Please enjoy, and if you have ideas of your own, do share -I'd like to know how you would manage an unplugged weekend.

Because everything should begin with Dessert

I'm almost certain being taller is sexier

Yes, I wish for drinks by the beach...

Hanging with my girls would be nice.

Is a zero calorie burger too much to ask for??

So I think this is simply the beginning of my unplugged, weekend wish list...I'll have to see where this conflicted renewal takes me.

Have a beautiful weekend.