Bathrooms and the Sacred Bath

This weekend my theme is environment. Most of us go through our day not even thinking about what kind of environment we are in, it's only when something jogs us into noticing the world around us do we take a look. In this blog, I am going to focus on the home environment. I've always dreamed of   stunning architecture and gorgeous interior decoration for my future home. I've flipped through magazines thinking what that kind of luxury would look like. Here are pictures that get me thinking...

Open Space, beautiful colors...Shangri-La

The warmth of this bedroom is wonderful.

This bathroom looks like heaven

When I think of the ultimate bathroom, I think of   the ultimate bath. I can see the mind body cleansing daily ritual of bath infused in a luxurious life. I dream of a home with several different types of bathrooms- each with a different theme and different intention but   all designed to awaken the senses. For those of you who indulge in a bath once in a while, know how relaxing and calming it can be.

Candles in the bathroom. On my wish list for everyday.

A little getaway from life..pure luxury.

In my minds eye, I can see a minimalist getaway tucked in a corner somewhere, hidden from the rest of the house. A place for meditation, ritual, reflection and renewal. As a child growing up, my parents had a prayer room, it was the place I escaped to often. Releasing my fears, my anxieties became a ceremonial habit in that room. It was also the first place I went to when I celebrated the joys of life. I thanked the higher powers that kept me spiritually receptive and bestowed gifts. Having a place to get connected is essential- even if it is in a little corner somewhere only you know about. High on the wish list, creating a fabulous sacred space.

Peace and love to you all this weekend

Mira. x