Environmental Good Is THE Fashion Statement

San Francisco is at the forefront of social activism, and it’s no surprise that we also lead the nation in environmental conservation. Since this mindset is ingrained in locals, their consumer choices often align with their social beliefs. But we often overlook that shopping is one of the leading environmental waste industries. Despite all the production and labor that is put into every piece of clothing, the consumer mindset is still to grow our wardrobes. To support green living, here are some local companies that are doing environmental good with lasting, meaningful clothing:


Skunk Funk

Skunk Funk provides a holistic approach to sustainability with in-house recycling, conscious sourcing, and eco-packaging. They even offer a service that stitches up damaged clothing to ensure customers get to enjoy their clothing long-term.



RXOrganics is a company that offers apparel for culinary and medical professionals made from 100% organic and recycled materials. Their mission is to make green living a mindset rather than a passing trend.


Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a high-fashion San Francisco based company that believes fashion and sustainability can coexist. Through their use of American manufacturing, sustainable clothing and a zero-waste policy, they are proving fashion does not have to cost the environment.


William The Beekeeper

William The Beekeeper has everything from sustainable clothing to locally crafted ceramics and honey. Their mission is to “encourage a more thoughtful manner of consumption” which ripples to every aspect of life, not just clothing.


By: Sabrina Canepa