5 Amazing Online Sales You Can’t Miss!

January is a beautiful month for snagging those gorgeous fall and winter items you’ve been eyeing for months. We’ve found some of the hottest online stores that will let you take one seasonal look   into the next season. Incorporating cool colors into spring   summer looks is getting easier as designers play with all season colors. Here's a few sure fire looks you can wear all year long and some serious discounts you shouldn't miss!!!


This store truly has that edgy sexy look that every woman can wear. The layering and gathering of most of their dresses allows a woman to feel sexy in her curves. We also love the way you can really get a deal during the 60% off sales! Here's one of our favorites- and sexy this sexy Paloma Aztec dress is seriously marked down from $497 to $247!

Champagn Paloma Aztec Dress


I love the way you can see something on the runway and then weeks later you'll see the dress in Zara. Yes, these guys know how to manufacture some really great clothes and they keep their prices really low. Check out this pencil skirt marked down to $29.99.

Contrasting Pencil Skirt


This UK retailer has won many American hearts. The ASOS online store carries many unique and interesting designers, some of which that are not available in the US. Here at L&P some of us have bought some pretty amazing clothes from ASOS for some rockbottom prices! Give them a try! You'll be glad you did! Here's the Ankle boots by River Island . Crafted in a Dalmatian faux fur fabric marked down to $68.93!

Ankle boots by River Island . Crafted in a Dalmatian faux fur fabric.


If you're looking for some gorgeous French clothing and lingerie at affordable prices, Etam is the place to go. This French retailer carries some of the latest trends in clothing and lingerie. Check out this beautiful dress for only 15 euros. Not so bad is it? After all who doesn't love getting a package from Paris?

Long Blue Dress


For all the fabulous clothes you'll buy online, you'll need some cool accessories! Bluefly has long been famous for carrying some of the hottest designers at a fraction of the cost! We love them and also love these Kate Spade black acrylic 'Meryl' sunglasses for a cool $107.00.

Kate Spade black acrylic Meryl sunglasses

Happy Shopping!