5 Hot Sexy New Nail Trends for Spring Summer

I wasn't much of a Nail polish fanatic until I moved to the US of A where every street corner coffee shop neighbors a nail shop, you can buy your coffee and slip into the nail salon to get a touch up- 5 dollar coffee, 8 dollar polish change. Sexy Nails- Priceless.

In Canada, where I grew up, the prices are much higher for getting your nails done. This is due to lack of competition by inadequately trained nail technicians that think they can charge you whatever they like. Mind you, I am not saying all the salons in Canada are in inadequate, I am sure there a few gems hidden, somewhere.

Pink Zebra Stipes anyone?

Black on Black. SEXY

I love Black on Black, I imagine this is better done with the Calgel technique so it stays on longer. Calgel was originally popular in Japan and is said to be created with resin. I love that it doesn't crack off the natural nails and one can do 3D art - or just art in general-as seen below. I am not sure how popular it is outside of LA and Japan, as a mainstream trend. The cost of Calgel also makes it a little difficult for the average person to indulge, I paid over 60$ before an event I had to attend. I was glad to see the Calgel stayed on my nails for over 2 weeks without chipping but I have to say the cost of getting the Calgel was a little too much.

I think the coolest thing with nail polish these days is that you can experiment. Color is back, it's not just a dull boring pastel tones that barely get noticed. These are hot sexy vibrant look at me now colors!  ┬áNow, your nails are an accessory, they make their own statement!

Wonder Woman Nails? Now this is the one I need!