Cool Comfortable Clothing.

My favorite thing to do when I get home after a long day   of work is slip into some cozy comfortable clothing.   In fact, I am on a constant hunt for anything that will touch my skin with the softness of a warm fuzzy blanket but make me look like I am wearing a   couture high fashion piece. Most recently, I have been living in James Perse clothing. I love the T-shirts and dresses that not only feel soft and luxurious but also have a great cut that fits to my hips and body.   Most curvy women have hips so a boxy T-shirt can be a problem -and to be honest I have only seen a few designers understand that if they A-line a T-shirt it will look a much better- the same thing goes for dresses.

I love when couture and casual meet. Here is the Chanel 2012 resort collection. Looking fab and comfortable- that is the ultimate dream!

Chanel 2012 resort collection.

Comfortable clothing is the one thing that I wish was in style all day, everyday. I know sometimes, our look calls for something a little more formal but for those down times, here's a another suggestion to check out.

I love the eco-friendly message with Knus Design clothing. How can we go wrong with danceable sexy dresses that move when we need them too!

It would be great to hear where you like to shop and how you keep it comfortable- send us an email or just comment below so everyone can see your secret!

Enjoy your weekend.