Graphic Tops That Rock

As a girl raised in beloved Portlandia, I can tell you that the dream of the '90s  is in fact alive in Portland.   And now, courtesy of last night’s impromptu retail therapy, the dream of the '80s is alive in my closet.   Growing up, my dad insisted that instead of listening to the likes of the Backstreet Boys and S Club 7, I’d get to know my uncles: Eddie Van Halen, Brian Johnson and Mick Jagger.   While he couldn’t get around some prepubescent crazes (hello, Hanson Brothers), he did impress upon me the awesomeness of classic rock.   And now as a twenty-something semi-adult, I fully embrace the forefathers of rock n’ roll, musically and sartorially.   You ask, When hasn’t a vintage band tee been cool? And I say, Never.   But it seems now more than ever it’s not only cool to flaunt a vintage ACDC tee, but on-trend, and riding the highway to hell.



See above the coolest face I’ve ever made, limbs sporting:

Van Halen long-sleeve by Forever 21
Black Thermal by GAP
Spike Ring by TopShelf Boutique
Watch by Michael Kors

I also acquired this top last night:

ACDC cut-off by Forever 21

And would soon like to be the owner of:

Def Leppard Raglan  by Junk Food Clothing

Prescribing to this rock n’ roll trend will allow you to exude classic cool without adhering to the church of over-teased hair and leather everything.   Pair your rocker top with printed pants, tall plain boots and prepare for nothing but a good time, ya dig?   And please, oh please, know  something  about the band of which you're sporting.   I'm all for looking cool for the sake of looking cool, but nothing will blow your cover more than not knowing at least  one album name of the band you're flaunting.

Rock on.