Couture Costumes

Usually, I hate to dress up for halloween. It seems that every outfit made for women slips into some version of trashy. I understand that this might be the an easy direction for seasonal companies, it's an easy mark. Women want to be sexy- right? Give them tons of cleavage and really short outfits and they are happy right?

You say you wanna be a cop? Sure, no problem, short shorts, tons of cleavage. A nurse. Ahhhh, same thing. A doctor? What they heck. Why not. You can have cleavage and an short coat too.

What most costume companies don't get is that women also want to dip into high fashion fabulous outfits as much as they want to be sexy. They want to be sexy with purpose and direction. Wearing a tight dress to a party to show off a new body. That's purpose. Wearing low cut dress with a daring slit to a gala event where everyone will notice , especially that hot guy you've been eyeing. That's purpose. Wearing heels to the office with a power suit to create a an air of femininity. That's purpose.

For Halloween this year, I wish I could get a hold of the entire Alexander McQueen RTW 2012 Spring Collection. It's brilliant. Seeing as Lady Gaga may the only woman who can wear most of his RTW, I figured Halloween may the only time I can honestly wear it without feeling a little too done up.

Marcus Tondo/

This out fit reminds me of a WWF mask with a dress. Perhaps a sexy wrestler for Halloween?

Marcus Tondo/

Maybe Gladiator Queen of the Universe? This very futuristic outfit is interesting...

Marcus Tondo/

The future of Mermaids? Could this be it??

Marcus Tondo/

A birthed Galaxy Queen for a Reflection Nebulae?

If you go high fashion for the big weekend, please send us your pix!!

Wishing you a wonderful Couture Halloween