Hot Summer Fashions

Has the fashion bug bitten you this summer? If not, you've got one month to catch the hottest looks for the summer!   We all want to stay current on fashion trends. But what’s hot right now? What’s not? Fashion trends tend to come and go; are there any worth holding onto, that can outlast the current fads?

Here are some fashions that have been around a while and continue to sizzle, which is not only good for your wardrobe, but easier on your pocketbook, as you’ll be able to use them over and over:

Flare. Not talking flared jeans here, but dresses. Although Flare jeans and pants are back in style (THANK GOD, I was getting tired of the same old skinny!!) Designers are falling in love with full-skirted flare dresses with a fit top. Whether you’re attending a party or needing to dress smart for work, these fit and flare dresses offer a slimmer-waist look with a pretty flared skirt.


Pink. Hot pink, corals, fuchsia, Barbie pink–pink has always been popular and is still piping hot. From handbags and other accessories like lipstick to bathing suits, pink hues are stylish and sassy. Wearing a pink scarf near your face can bring out a youthful glow. Pink pumps can add extra pizzazz to that summer dress. Add pink to any ensemble and you really can’t go wrong.

Ways to wear Pink and Red- courtesy of Vogue

The ‘70s. Many eras have repeated themselves, but the ‘70s is experiencing a comeback. Even floppy-brim hats are making an entrance onto this summer’s fashion runways. Don’t want to look like a total hippie? No need to change your entire wardrobe, simply slip on a pair of skinny jeans for the wide legged jeans and you now have a retro-inspired look. Or you can copy this cool look below with a funky pair of sparkly shoes that scream 70's. The idea is to add a few things here and there that help you get a nice funky look.

Prints. Although mixing prints has been done before, with so many summer prints out, some wild mixes have blossomed. But don’t just mix any prints. Select those with a common theme like similar colors or scales, or loud contrasts, such as striped skirt with a polka dot top. When in doubt of pulling it off successfully, you can always fall back on mirrored prints, where a pattern on a shirt, for instance, mirrors the patterned skirt, but they are different hues as well as one being inside out. Junior Editor of Vogue India does a great job below of pairing lace with print. This is advanced stuff proceed with caution! Lace is easy with small prints, big prints need a little more thought- but what the hey, fashion is about expression! So go ahead, show yourself!

Citizen Couture/ Antara Motiwala 

With the many fashion trends bombarding the runways today, it’s hard to keep up (and impossible to list them all). But the few tips above will at least bring you up to date without revamping your entire wardrobe.